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 The Trip in Australia [Starter:]

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The Trip in Australia [Starter:] Empty
PostSubject: The Trip in Australia [Starter:]   The Trip in Australia [Starter:] I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 18, 2009 9:53 am

she catches a bus from Newcastle it was a state transit one the sign said on it “Route 104” suddenly she yells out “Hey State Transit”, she boarded the bus carefully and smiled at the driver and said to him “Oh you have a nice vehicle there” she suddenly took her seat at the back of the bus and as the bus drove to her to the nearest main train station and that was Broadmeadow station, she bought a ticket to the central coast, she sat down in the trains seats in the carriage, and she waited Patiently until the trains reached it destination, afterwards the train stop at Central Coast Station in Woga Woga, she suddenly steps out from the train and walked towards the shopping centre, she went shopping for a few hours and she went back to the train Station and bought another ticket for Central Station Sydney, suddenly she hears the train roaring closer to the station the next minute she boards the train and takes her to Sydney’s Central Station we’re she had parked her TARDIS near by The Exit in the street nearly the rocks were she walked up to her TARDIS which was shaped like a State transit Bus from Newcastle and immediately she opens her TARDIS door and she feels someone poking my back suddenly she turns around and smiled at the person happily “Hello im Melissadvoratrelundar Nyssa Borusa-Pendragon, and you can call me Mel for short, i know my name is way too long to say" she smiled at the person “And who might you be?” she asked the person in a polite manner
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The Trip in Australia [Starter:]
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