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 The Impossible Journey

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PostSubject: The Impossible Journey   Fri Oct 16, 2009 12:02 am

Eyes open staring into the ceiling of her dwelling from the relative safety of her bed Rose lay wanting sleep to drag her into the abyss but not finding the release she felt was needed her mind constantly whirling with thoughts , her own and so many others all she wanted was to not think for a while was that too much to ask?
Apparently it was as on autopilot she left the warmth of her bed and went through her early morning rituals although the sun hadn’t appeared yet she knew sleep wouldn’t find her once more. How long had it been since she last shared a bed with anyone let alone John, he had died an old man and yet she still looked the same except for the hair colour change she supposed that was Johns influence god even her clothing was more like something he would wear, opening her wardrobe she caressed the blue fabric the one reminder of that life when she had been happy the day he died a part of her died too except that was the problem that had been well over a century ago , hell she’d stopped keeping count a long time ago and stopped living for even longer. Giving herself a shake she replaced the blue suit in its special place, she’d never let him wear it after that first day back on this earth, he had still worn suits but not that one it was a fresh start no more killing, that was what that suit represented, she sometimes wondered if her original doctor wasn’t a bit of a hypocrite after all hadn’t she done the same - mass murder of daleks and yet he expected her to save John and she had or more truthful they had saved each other
Dressing she finally reached for the tan coat virtually a replica of the doctors, they had acquired it on their many travels it even still smelled of john she wasn’t sure how but it gave her small comfort the only thing that didn’t make her feel alone in the universe….Closing her front door she headed for the cliffs passing many men on their way to go fishing no doubt the bay was as good a place as any. Glancing up at the sky it seemed a pleasant enough day with only the odd white cloud and the one zepplin. She headed as if towards the bay before turning of at a fork in the path and heading up the cliffs she needed to get higher there was something in her gut telling her something was going to happen question was, was it a good or bad thing, wiping her hair out of her face she headed to the highest point she could reach and stared out across the water where small fishing boats could now be seen heading across the water occasionally one of the men would look up at her she knew they didn’t know what to make of her but she wasn’t overly concerned, it could be any number of things really the fact she didn’t talk unless necessary, the clothing she wore as it rarely varied possibly even her eyes they always had a gold sheen to them, she knew about that but chose to ignore it if she thought about it that would lead to thoughts about why she was still walking the earth and then that invariably led her thoughts to him and it was far too early in the day for that
Looking down she saw it, her heart leapt for a second and then she realised she saw the same vision every morning when she looked down it wasn’t real or at least not here it wasn’t that blue box didn’t exist anymore not on this side of the void, wiping angrily at the tears forming she picked up a stone and hurled it towards the water in disgust at her weakness…pulling the chain that hung around her neck she caressed the small key that hung from it too lost in her thoughts to realise it was warmer than usual….
(thought I'd post this not sure if I think its any good though :X)
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PostSubject: Re: The Impossible Journey   Thu Oct 29, 2009 8:48 am

[It's brilliant rose, great work]
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The Impossible Journey
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